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Hi Everyone

a bit of self promotion, but it does truly help end users. The more sites verified by Comodo the better for end users.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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Oil Wars and CPU power! 

What the hell has Oil got to do with CPU power? Well they are somewhat related. One is the enabler for the physical world (Oil) and you have people fighting over it, and the other is the enabler for the Virtual world and you have people

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The New Dawn: Security is not Trust Despite talk about encryption and security on the Internet, we are still falling short of true identity trust assurance every time we go online.  Why?  Our current attempts of encryption only encrypt our communications, but don’t check who is on the receiver.  Thus giving users

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Well, now that we have a website, everyone knows the new standard we have been working on to improve SSL.

I thought I should write a note or two to clarify few issues and make few statements

1)Where the hell this CAB forum came from? well, in April 05, I thought

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Interesting reading.

The point that is being raised in this news article is that people use AV mostly and anti spyware is yet to penetrate the market.

One of the major reasons why Anti-Spyware products come as a seperate product is because vendors are looking for ways to charge extra for