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Its 10pm night time…..someone knocks on your door…you answer the door….a total stranger……you invite this stranger in…….ask him to sit on your sofa……he is sitting there……it now has been 24 hours….this stranger is still sitting on your sofa… Can you say he is a good guy?

Of course not!

Absence of

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A Software is made up of instruction set, that we call a piece of “Code”. A programmer writes this code and once compiled and packaged becomes,  Software/Application.


When you launch this Application/Software, the code is sent to CPU for those instructions to execute. For example this piece of Code

As a tech incubator and a CEO one of the most important tasks I have is to train, educate and arm people with the ability to continually improve their tasks.

How do I teach this to them? Is there a structure, process or formula for this?

Over the years, I had

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EndPoint Protection: (AV, NGAV, EPP etc) Is like your doors, windows, gates that protect your property. It stops unwanted people from coming into your home. What to look for in Endpoint Protection: There are two main types of methods Detection based: These kind of systems have to be able to “identify” bad behaviour to

As human beings, how do we determine if information given to us is good or not?

We as the human race “Trust” or “Not Trust” the messenger (channel) of the information. Its more efficient and easier to trust the messenger than analyzing the content. Human brain does not (in the main)