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Why IT Management……

Operating system was big in the early days, because it enabled us to manage many different pieces like sound card, video card, hard disk etc without us having to write code directly for each and every hardware. We only have to write code for the operating system, then the operating system itself handles how it should talk to all these devices. It makes our lives easy!

Fast forward to 2015….we have many devices, from smartphones, to desktops to servers. Each and every one of these devices both at work or at home needs “management” just like sound cards, video cards etc… Of course all these devices need security too! To make delivery of security a viable proposition, for all these devices, we have to provide a platform to manage them, just like an Operating System, so that security could be managed via this IT Management platform. So this IT Management platform has become a necessity to channel security to our end users and customers. Therefore IT Management tools have become an important vehicle in our ability to provide security.


Why Free……..

There are many companies who charge big bucks for similar or lesser products/services compare to ours,  so why give it away for free?

First of all, we believe in “Community Driven Commercial Development” (CDCD) model. We successfully followed this CDCD model with our consumer products. We want to replicate this success with the enterprise segment, afterall these IT guys working in companies are the ones using our free consumer security at home. We want to continue working with the community to leverage their collective wisdom in creating products that work for them. Who better than the community to help guide us in developing something for them! If we are going to ask the community to help us guide the development then it would be only fair to give this product for free to them.


So Whats the Catch? How will you make money?

We only ask for our community to trust us! This Free RMM, Free Patch Management, Free Service Desk products are and will always be free! We make money from selling other products and services. The trust we will gain will result in more sales of our other products, I totally believe in that. We first prove ourselves to the community by gifting this amazing IT management tool, gain their trust. In return we will earn our community’s trust which will result in more sales of our other products.

So be part of this amazing community and come work with us to make IT Management tools better and FREE!