Ryan Hurst of Google, who I  agree with in majority of the cases, have put this post where he rightfully argued about the work that needs to be done to make EV certificates more relevant.

I couldn’t agree more! He is spot on when it comes to problems with EV and

Sometimes people fight over same things, because they define them differently.

Cybersecurity, cryptography has come a long way where we use ciphers to protect data and enable encryption. But all these terms are still maturing. That’s why I am writing this blog… put a definition to these terms…. Cryptography:

This term is

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Background: There is a type of certificate called DV certificate. These certificates have a positive security indicator, like a Padlock or “Secure” indicator.

Here is an example of a DV certificate enjoying a security indicator..a green “Secure” with a padlock.

Problem: As you probably have noticed, this is not a PayPal site.

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And yes, 85 million plus endpoints are immune to ransomware attacks….proof!!!!!

Recent attack that wrecked havoc in Europe is attributed to a ransomware called Wcry (WannaCry).


Solution to prevent any Ransomware exists, people are unaware of the solution.

How does Ransomware WannaCry work?:

Once on user computer it wants to: 1)Read

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Here we are conversing with Ryan at Google, I must admit this has been a very healthy discussion where opinions are expressed and ideas are shared…..and few blogs later we arrive at crossroads……

-Do we (as the computer industry) accelerate investment (I say accelerate as there is already a momentum)