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Malware/Ransomware is a legitimate code (within context of the CPU instructions) doing illegitimate things.

So Code is legit because CPU understands and executes the code/instructions in this executable file that we call malware/ransomware. However what this code/instructions do is bad stuff for us… What is Malware/Ransomware Problem?

You executing/running this malware/ransomware!


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Today the vast majority of cybersecurity world works with: (1) Allow ALL, deny BAD

They try to Deny BAD by trying to detect it by using AI,ML, Heuristic, Behavior Analysis, EDR.  I must say, the results speak for itself! Breach after breach, damage after damage! “The amount of money spent in cybersecurity”

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Its 10pm night time…..someone knocks on your door…you answer the door….a total stranger……you invite this stranger in…….ask him to sit on your sofa……he is sitting there……it now has been 24 hours….this stranger is still sitting on your sofa… Can you say he is a good guy?

Of course not!

Absence of

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A Software is made up of instruction set, that we call a piece of “Code”. A programmer writes this code and once compiled and packaged becomes,  Software/Application.


When you launch this Application/Software, the code is sent to CPU for those instructions to execute. For example this piece of Code