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There is an industry that profits big buck$ by selling services for cleaning infected websites. Although on the surface you may not see anything wrong with it, but once you start thinking about incentives and alignment of these companies, you soon realize it ain’t right to kick people when they are down.

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We are in web sites where we were in 90s for computers!

It was a new concept to protect your PC with antivirus products in the 90s.  Now its the norm.

Websites and webhosting is where computers were in 90s…still unprotected….still getting hacked and infected….

Today there is a healthy

One of the most harmful aspects of DV certificates is giving false sense of security to anyone entering their user names and passwords…the “Form Fields” on websites.

When someone enters their private information on a specific website, they think and intend only for that specific website to receive it. The user

Ryan Hurst of Google, who I  agree with in majority of the cases, have put this post where he rightfully argued about the work that needs to be done to make EV certificates more relevant.

I couldn’t agree more! He is spot on when it comes to problems with EV and

Sometimes people fight over same things, because they define them differently.

Cybersecurity, cryptography has come a long way where we use ciphers to protect data and enable encryption. But all these terms are still maturing. That’s why I am writing this blog… put a definition to these terms…. Cryptography:

This term is