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If you have then I strongly recommend that you go see a shrink!

But imagine how your ID would feel in the midst of Bits and Bytes in your computer amongst thousands of executable programs which he does not understand, amongst the viruses that has infected your machines fighting the Trojans who is logging every keystroke for your valuable IDs. The Spyware who is watching both the viruses and Trojan’s on your machine and grabbing that precious ID you have confidently trusted your PC with and sending it back to its creator! Do you think your Valuable Information, your ID, feels lost, overwhelmed and vulnerable in that black box called a “personal computer”!!!

Do you really know how many executables files (these are applications/software that are built to do things on your computer like Internet explorer) running at any one time on your machine? The reason why executable files is because these are the ones that “do” something, they execute an instruction good or bad!

Ok let me ask you a question in a different way: “ Do you know how many people live in your house”? yes majority of us do!  A PC is like a house for your executable files, do you know how many living in that house called PC? Nope! We haven’t got a clue! Should we? Well.. in theory we should but its not as simple as counting people living in a house! It’s a complex animal these PCs. Do you know, when you drop your ID in this house called PC, who is there? Who will see it? When we are getting undressed, we usually do it in the privacy of our own house or even our own room, bar few streakers that might be reading this for whom this will totally not make sense but hey! But we are quite happy to drop our ID into one of these houses called PCs! But wait that’s not all! These houses called PCs have tunnels in them that connects them to other houses around the world!! And never mind knowing who is living in this PC you own anymore, the question becomes who is going to come thru these tunnels (what? Tunnels? More than one?) and do what to your ID? So we have invited this black box called PC into our lives, given it a prominent position in our houses, living rooms, put all our Information valuable and not so valuable information into it, yet we don’t know who is in it or can connect to it!

Do you know what insecurities your PC has?
Do you know which products you should be buying to protect against these?
Do you know how much you should be paying?

No, No and another NO!

Today there is no single place you can go to buy protection against today’s threats that easily without forking out large amount of $$$, never mind a product that will also assure you against any future threats!

In this search to protect ourselves, like a man in a desert drinking the poisonous water, we fall victim to even more fraudsters claiming to offer protection for you!

We need protection, assurance on our machines. Something that tells us: Everthying is Ok carry on doing what you are doing on your computer and don’t worry about a thing. This should not require me to be an expert to understand what is what! On contrary it should be totally invisible to the user! I have an Air Bag in my car and I haven’t got a clue as to how it works and not interested in learning how (there are too many things to learn in this world! And I only have very (I do mean very) limited number of grey cells). But I know what it can do for me which is enough for me to know. So should a user be burdened with a decision about “ services.exe is trying to connect to internet do you want to allow it?” by your firewall which is really clever to intercept any calls that any programs make to internet but does not tell you what you should do with it! What’s the bloody point!!! How many of us know the difference between service.exe a legitimate program and services.exe which is a Trojan! Not many! We need to change the way we protect ourselves! We need to change the way we protect our identity and everything of value! Technology is one part of the equation! The other part, as and when you have the technology, is the accessibility!

So, in this house called PC living thousands of executables, where I don’t have a clue about who is who, connected to millions of other PCs around the world and I don’t even have a proper protection!

God save us!


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