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And yes, 85 million plus endpoints are immune to ransomware attacks….proof!!!!!

Recent attack that wrecked havoc in Europe is attributed to a ransomware called Wcry (WannaCry).


Solution to prevent any Ransomware exists, people are unaware of the solution.

How does Ransomware WannaCry work?:

Once on user computer it wants to:
1)Read all your data
2)Encrypt all your data (does so in RAM memory)
3)Overwrite the original data in your hard drive with the encrypted data
4)Ask for ransom because now you can’t read your data, since its encrypted.

This is pretty much how all ransomware work.

How do we prevent against Ransomware?:

First of all, lets understand the damage occurs because ransomware can modify and overwrite the files on HardDrive.

With Comodo’s technology we create
-Virtual Hard Drive
-Virtual Registry
-Virtual COM interfaces

These are 3 vital components that renders malware harmless. These are our weapons against ransomware and malware…..

So lets see how WannaCry will cry when it hits a Comodo protected computer:
WannaCry comes into your computer……sure welcome…
WannaCry asks to read the files…..we say no problem its allowed to….
WannaCry says I want to encrypt these files in RAM memory…..go ahead its allowed to…..
WannaCry says, I want to now overwrite your original files on your hard disk with the encrypted files I just created in RAM (don’t forget unless WannaCry can overwrite the hard drive there is no damage)
Comodo says, not so fast WannaCry……here is a Fake Harddrive (Virtual Hard Drive) that I created earlier for you, go ahead and write to that…yes yes of course its the real one, don’t worry my friend WannaCry….Of course WannaCry doesn’t realize its fake and goes ahead and writes to it…..

So your original files are still safe and untouched by WannaCry and Prevention from ransomware is reality!

Oh, by the way, when you restart your computer, all that virtual stuff, like virtual hard disk, registry etc is flushed clean…..Day zero or day 300 ransomware…doesn’t matter…Comodo’s Containment technology prevents Ransomware from causing any damage.

Here is a video of how Comodo prevented WannaCry ransomware. This video is made by a Comodo user.