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Here we are, an 18 year old who made $20 millions, taking over unsuspecting user’s machine, stealing their data as well as using their machine in criminal activity to steal more data and money!

Was your computer one these millions of computers turned into a Botnet? Are you a Zombie?

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To Prevent or Not to Prevent! That is the question!Yeah, is it?

Yep! It is.

What are you preventing? Global Warming?

No Silly… the Alien invasion! That’s what we are preventing…

Ok, be serious now.. come on.. tell me what is it you are talking about?

Honestly, we are going to

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Well, we all know (or should know), that there is no 100% security! (of course people might try to take this out of context and apply this to tiny subsets of an overall problem and claim it can be 100% secure but its a futile attempt as you have to look

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Phishing, Pharming, Spyware, Viruses, Spam, Spear Phishing, is only some of the threats that banks and us the ordinary people face! Money is the easily usable, convertible, valuable material we all own (well some of us have more than the others and they should learn to let the human race benefit from

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People keep asking me:

Is AV dead? Is HIPS the ultimate solution? Are we going to need to have chips surgically implanted in our…”

Okay, let’s not degenerate this in the first fifty words. I’d like to start with some facts about the state of software security for PCs.

1.   The world