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Free Hacked Website Repair and Malware Removal

We are in web sites where we were in 90s for computers!

It was a new concept to protect your PC with antivirus products in the 90s.  Now its the norm.

Websites and webhosting is where computers were in 90s…still unprotected….still getting hacked and infected….

Today there is a healthy market of selling “malware cleaning” or “hack repair” for website owners. At a hefty price!

This is not the solution! The malware will come back no matter how many times you clean it.

The business model of “Profiting from Website Malware Cleaning” must STOP!

The need for cleaning malware from your website is not going away, but “Profiting from it” is!

Because we are giving away 100% Free, no catch, no strings attached absolutely “Free Website Malware Cleaning“. Yep, we will clean everything including your database if we have to! And yes for FREE.

Why? I hear you ask.

Let me explain

We build innovation to keep you safe, protect you from hacks and malware. The very people who need our Protection is the very people who are hacked and have malware on their websites.

So, by cleaning their site for Free, we hope to gain their trust so that when they choose to protect their site, assumption is that they will, having gone thru the experience of having your site hacked, choose us.

And there is more reason why they should be choosing us. Because there simply is no other technology that can deliver what we can.

We have the world’s very first Website Protection that has a full blown SIEM, Managed WAF, CSOC (Comodo Security Operation Center) staffed by amazing security professionals available instantly 24/7/365 and running on a CDN (Real CDN, unlike others that run a “non-caching” cdn 🙂 )!

Don’t even think about comparing this amazing technology to legacy “malware scanning” tools out there who are charging website owners an arm and a leg to remove malware.

There simply is no comparison in terms of what CWatch technology can do vs what’s out there!