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There is an industry that profits big buck$ by selling services for cleaning infected websites.
Although on the surface you may not see anything wrong with it, but once you start thinking about incentives and alignment of these companies, you soon realize it ain’t right to kick people when they are down.

There can be two different business models for protecting the web.
A)Profiting from people’s troubles
B)Profiting from protecting people

The problem is “alignment”. If you want to profit by cleaning infected websites, then you can’t seriously say you are interested in protecting them so that they never get infected. Therefore you can’t say your interests are aligned with customers’ interests. Afterall if they never get infected then these people would never make money. Therefore victims are involved in a vicious cycle of infection and cost. These companies will even stoop so low as to tell some of their victims that their website is infected although its not. This is a prime example of wrong “alignment”. It is in their interest for you to be in “trouble”. Imagine giving money to someone knowing well they don’t mean well, they can’t mean well!

In order to visualize what I am trying to describe I created a word cloud. There are two states, as explained above. Profiting from your troubles or from protecting you….

A)Profiting from your troubles visualized:

Lets visualize the state that these malware cleaning companies want you to be in:

These companies make money when you are in one of these negative states in the above picture. Just read the words….all negative…all bad….that is the state these people want you in, so that they can profit from you!


B)Profiting from providing protection visualized:

Now visualize the other business model of making money by protecting you as below picture shows

Look at the words in the word-cloud for companies who align themselves with your happiness and safety. Companies who provide protection only benefit when you achieve these positive states, which is a huge contrast to the other state.

So now the question is:

Would you want to give your money to a company whose DNA, whose motive, whose incentive is for you to be in trouble so that they can continue to profit  from you?

But we don’t have an option I hear you say. When we are infected, we need a solution.

I hear you, loud and clear! That is why we have created world’s very first 100% Free, no catch, no strings instant web malware cleaning service…yes for FREE! 

Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness. Euripides

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