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A Software is made up of instruction set, that we call a piece of “Code”. A programmer writes this code and once compiled and packaged becomes,  Software/Application.


When you launch this Application/Software, the code is sent to CPU for those instructions to execute. For example this piece of Code could be instructing the CPU to turn a Pixel on your screen to color Red.

A Business, on the other hand is made up of People, Process and Technology.

However, it is very similar to Software. It needs “code” and it needs a “CPU”.

“Process” is the “Code” for the business.
“People” are the “CPU” for the business.

Process tells People what to execute, just like in Software where the  Code is telling CPU what to execute.
Of course Technology can be used either by People or Processes directly.

A Company without Processes is no different than a Software with no Code to execute!

Next question : How much of your business should you be running relying on human brain vs Processes? Where should you draw the line?

ANSWER: A Process should be created for any task that “repeats” that does NOT “require human creativity”.