As a tech incubator and a CEO one of the most important tasks I have is to train, educate and arm people with the ability to continually improve their tasks.

How do I teach this to them?
Is there a structure, process or formula for this?

Over the years, I had to create one.

Here is what I created that works!

Step 1: Flowchart the process:
we need to identify the process and flow chart it all.
Use State Diagrams. Process is made up of “States” and “Transitions” in the main.

Step 2: Identify metrics of desired outcome.
This will then expose all the “exceptions”.

Step 3: Create an “Alerting Mechanism” for these “exceptions”

Identify either time or event based alerts. Eg: if something stuck at this state more than X hours, then raise an alert etc.

Step 4: Apply PPT:
For every exception that alerting mechanism throws at you, apply the PPT process.
PPT process is:
identify why this exception has happened and
a)force yourself to find a “T” (Technology Solution first)
b)If you can’t find a “T”, then force yourself to find a “P” (Process solution).
c)If you can’t find a “P”, then come up with a “P” (People solution -train/educate people).
Important to note the sequence in which you apply the process should be:
Technology —>Process—> People

This way you:
-Created a blueprint of the whole system
-Defined what you are expecting from the system
-Defined the process of improvement.

As a result you are continually monitoring the systems, only be alerted for “exceptions” and have a process of how to improve exceptions by applying the “PPT” process to every “exception”

Hope you find “Melih Cycle” useful!